Performance Test @home for cyclists/runners - evaluation


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Delivery time: approx. 48 hours

Evaluation of a performance diagnostic with NIRS sensor.

After ordering, you will receive the test protocol from us by email.


With the help of a NIRS sensor, such as the Moxy, it is possible to carry out detailed performance test  at home. Simply run the test, send in the file and receive an individual evaluation.

It has never been easier to perform a performance test. Without invasive tests, you can get a meaningful picture of your performance. And you can even do it on site with the simplest of tools. All you need is a watt-controlled roller, a heart rate belt, a NIRS sensor and a compatible bike computer.

During a simple step test, oxygen saturation and other important physiological data are continuously measured to identify the processes in the body at different exercise intensities.

Based on the course of the measured values, we determine your current performance level in an objective evaluation process. Through the interaction of the various parameters, we can get a differentiated picture of your performance, determine your individual training zones and make individual recommendations for your training.

Our experience and numerous studies have shown that the results of performance tests with NIRS technology are the same as the results of a lactate level test. In our view, NIRS technology even enables more profound statements than a pure lactate level test.

You can find more information here.

Please also note our rental conditions.


Evaluation of a performance diagnostic included:

  • Determination of the training zones
  • Determination of the maximum oxygen balance (corresponds to individual anaerobic threshold or maximum lactate balance).
  • Individual training recommendation


Attention: The data must be transmitted via the upload form in fit format. If this is not the case, we reserve the right to charge a surcharge of 50%. However, this will only be done in any case after consultation.


  1. Download the required step protocols and instructions for conducting the performance diagnostics on our homepage
  2. Set and prepare everything
  3. Test drive
  4. Send us a file of the test in fit format
  5. Receive evaluation


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