NIRS - Near InfraRed Spectroscopy

NIRS - Near InfraRed Spectroscopy The innovative method for performance diagnostics and training control NIRS sends light near the infrared spectrum into the tissue and measures the reflection of the light. The Moxy has a "transmitter" that sends the light about 15mm deep through the skin and the...

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Performance diagnostics with NIRS

Performance diagnostics with NIRS When dealing with the topic of performance diagnostics ("LD"), an almost unmanageable flood of different models, methods and test procedures opens up, which in most cases all claim to be "correct" and offer the...

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NIRS in multisport use

NIRS in multisport use The widespread use of power meters for bicycles has professionalised training in cycling and triathlon to some extent and also made load control and tracking of performance development accessible to age group athletes, which was previously...

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Cycling Powermeter Infocrank Performance Training TRAINALYZED Robbie McEwan

Adaptive Training Ranges - Daily Form & NIRS Markers

Adaptive training ranges & NIRS markersTraining is usually controlled according to load specifications. This means that speeds, heart rates or performance ranges are specified that should be reached and maintained in order to produce the planned training stimulus. The training ranges...

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