Why use NIRS and Moxy? 

Continuous performance development is based on permanent adaptation of the training to the current performance status.

Insights into the muscle - where performance originates

  • The Moxy provides you with scientifically validated data on muscular oxygen saturation.
  • the measurement takes place in real-time and non-invasively during exercise
  • get a direct insight into your muscles
  • discover new possibilities in training control

Simple and reliable diagnostics

  • Scientifically validated determination of threshold power and other performance parameters
  • Enables more detailed diagnostics than conventional lactate tests
  • Implementation as graded exercise test indoors or as field test outdoors
  • Whether lab, roller, treadmill, road or off-road, the Moxy can be used anywhere

Real-time feedback in every training session

  • Use the Moxy in every training session and get real-time feedback
  • Adapt training zones to your daily form - whether base training or intervals, always train in the optimal range
  • optimal performance in training, optimal regeneration - train with maximum efficiency

Individually applicable

  • the Moxy is universally applicable
  • unlike a power meter, the Moxy can be used across all sports and provides you with valuable data from every workout
  • take advantage of the Moxy while cycling, running, swimming, strength training or wherever you want to go

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Moxy Sleeves

IDIAG Moxy Monitor Sleeve Running Cycling Triathlon Training Muscle Oxygen

Simplest application, without taping

Together with RenéRosa we have developed our Moxy Sleeves for the thigh. Simply put on the sleeve, place the Moxy in the light protection and you're ready to go. No more tape is needed. The sleeves can be used in all sports.

You can order the sleeves via the RenéRosa online shop.

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