Get the most out of your NIRS data!
NIRS technology offers new and incredible possibilities for performance analysis.
Until now, however, there was a lack of the right tools to evaluate the collected data efficiently and in depth.
With the TRAINALYZER® we close this gap and provide you with deep insights into all the information that NIRS has to offer.

3x 8min threshold intervals (zone III-ext), minSmO2ss shows the lowest steady state SmO2

Direct insights through automated evaluation

  • Evaluate relevant intervals at a glance through automatic interval detection
  • Immediate control of the intensity by marking the maximum steady state
  • Daily calculation of your training areas & performance parameters
TRAINALYZER App NIRS Marker maxSmO2ss max Steady State FATmax Training Zones Taining with automatic Analysis of Training and Performance Testing with Moxy Monitor (NIRS Sensor)
NIRS markers show the development of your performance including threshold power (maxSmO2ss).

Your progress always at sight

  • Use each training session to determine daily performance parameters (equivalent to maximum fat burn, lactate threshold & threshold power).
  • the calculation is done automatically from the training without additional tests or "all-out" efforts
  • performance developments and daily form become visible and comprehensible
  • so you always keep an eye on your progress and gain valuable insights into the effect of your training
With the help of the relation between SmO2 & performance, the TRAINALYZER® determines your training zones.

Optimise every workout with adaptive training zones

  • Your daily training areas are determined for each training session
  • see at a glance whether and how long you have trained in the target training zones
  • make sure your training works as planned
  • continuous performance development through more efficient training
Step test on the Smarttrainer with power, heart rate & SmO2

Automatic analysis of your NIRS performance diagnostics

  • Regular performance diagnostics for even more insights into your development
  • Automatic upload & evaluation with TRAINALYZER® at no extra cost

TRAINALYZER® + Moxy = Your mobile lab

  • Combine TRAINALYZER® and Moxy and get the most out of your workout


Performance overview - TRAINALYZER®

Features Athlete Edition Advanced Edition Coach / Diagnostic Edition
automatic calculation of NIRS performance markers x x x
automatic calculation of adaptive training zones x x x
Simple evaluation NIRS performance diagnostics x x x
detailed evaluation NIRS performance diagnostics x x
automatic interval detection x x x
automatic threshold detection x x x
Automatic upload from Garmin & Dropbox x x x
evaluation of running and cycling session x x x
display of all NIRS data x x x
long-term data analysis x x x
Mean Maximal Power Curve x x x
Mean Maximal Pace Curve x x x
calendar x x x
detailed histograms x x
detailed scatter plots x x
shift graphs x x
laps editing x x
training planning x
Individual templates for training units & plans x
customer management x
PDF export of NIRS performance tests x
longitudinal comparison of NIRS performance tests x


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The subscription period can be adjusted later at any time via the customer portal.

To upgrade to the Advanced Edition, simply send us an email.

To the order

free trial:
Choose "1 month" and enter the coupon code AdvancedFreeTrial to

The subscription period can be adjusted later at any time via the customer portal.

To switch to the Athlete Edition, simply send us an email.

Soon available

TRAINALYZER® + Moxy Bundles

Soon available

Moxy Sleeves

IDIAG Moxy Monitor Sleeve Running Cycling Triathlon Training Muscle Oxygen

Simplest application, without taping

Together with RenéRosa we have developed our Moxy Sleeves for the thigh. Simply put on the sleeve, place the Moxy in the light protection and you're ready to go. No more tape is needed. The sleeves can be used in all sports.

You can order the sleeves via the RenéRosa online shop.


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