Performance Testing

NIRS stands for near infrared spectroscopy - a technology that opens up completely new insights and possibilities for us in both performance testing and training. By using the Moxy, this technology becomes simple and universally applicable.

Advantages of NIRS performance testing


Our performance tests run without bloodshed. NIRS technology allows us to measure all thresholds and data to determine performance without having to draw blood.



easy implementation

Our performance diagnostics are location-independent, so they can be carried out anywhere. Simply fix the Moxy on the muscle, select a step test and off you go. All you need is a Smarttrainer, a heart rate belt, the Moxy and a compatible bike computer. If necessary, you can also rent the equipment from us.


Conventional methods require expensive laboratory equipment to determine the lactate threshold. With our innovative method, this equipment is not necessary, which makes our diagnostics cheaper for you than classic performance diagnostics. This gives you the opportunity to carry out diagnostics more than once a year, so that you can always train on your current values and thus reach your goal faster and more efficiently.

more details

We look live into your muscle, permanently during the entire diagnostic process. This enables us to visualise processes that were previously invisible. We show you not only what your current performance level is, but also why this is so, where there is potential and how you can exploit it, thus making your performance comprehensible.

absolute reliability

Numerous studies have shown that NIRS technology can reliably determine the individual anaerobic threshold or maximum lactate balance. Since our TRAINALYZER® analyses further valuable data beyond the usual "thresholds", NIRS performance tests are even better than conventional lactate tests.

Data upload

For your individual evaluation, you can send us your data via the following link.



Due to the high demand, you currently have to expect a delivery time of up to 4 weeks for the LD @home (incl. Moxy + ELEMNT BOLT). It's best to order well in advance and specify your preferred delivery date at checkout.


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