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Our performance diagnostics are based on the combination of near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) and complex physiological models. This combination allows us to create a detailed physiological profile without extensive laboratory testing. For you, this means better results with less effort.

Details at a glance

concrete measurements

Our performance diagnostics are not only based on sole power values, but also use the measurement data of the Moxy. Through the Moxy and the NIRS technology we get a detailed picture of the muscular stress during the entire test. This allows us to optimally adapt the algorithms to your individual physiology and obtain better results than with purely power-based test procedures.

physiological parameters

Among other things, we determine the maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max), the maximum glycolytic/ maximum lactate formation rate (VLamax), the maximum lactate steady state and the peak power. This gives you a complex physiological profile that can be applied to any training and competition scenario and provides concrete targets for your training.

Performance prediction - MMPC

Through our special algorithm we are able to predict your complete Mean Maximal Power Curve (MMPC). Furthermore, we can predict how changes in your physiology will affect different durations of exercise. See at a glance which parameters you need to adjust to make specific improvements. Set specific goals, track your progress and train with optimal efficiency.

Substrate & energy consumption

Based on your individual physiological profile, you receive concrete information on the consumption of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and total energy across all performance and training ranges. This allows you to develop individual nutrition strategies for training and competition, avoid mistakes and exploit your full potential.

easy implementation

Our performance diagnostics are location-independent, so they can be performed anywhere. All you need is a smart trainer and power meter, a heart rate belt and the Moxy. A visit to the lab is therefore unnecessary. Instead, you can do your complex performance diagnostics in the comfort of your own home. If necessary, you can also rent the equipment from us.

Example evaluation

Take a look at how the evaluation of the performance diagnostics looks like here.

Data upload

For your individual evaluation, you can send us your data via the following link.



Due to the high demand, currently up to 4 weeks delivery time for the performance diagnostics @home advanced (incl. Moxy + ELEMNT BOLT) must be expected. It is best to order with sufficient lead time and specify the desired date at checkout.

The performance diagnostics @home only includes the evaluation of a step test. For all the above features, please select the performance diagnostics @home advanced.

In performance diagnostics with material, the evaluation of the sprint test is optional. The protocol is freely selectable.

The performance diagnostics @home advanced is currently only available for cycling.

individual offers: 

Beyond the evaluation of the performance diagnostics, we are at your disposal to derive concrete goals for your training or to go even deeper into detail. Based on the performance diagnostics, we can also forecast specific training units or competitions, create individual requirement profiles and go into even more detail about your data. If you are interested, please send us a message.


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