InfoCrank® 30 mm 130 BCD Professional - Bundle

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Reliable power meter with independent left-right measurement, without constant calibration.
Bundled with bottom bracket and chainrings.

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The InfoCrank was developed for cyclists who want precise and real performance data - directly on the bike and for later analysis.

Cycling power is generated by the tangential force or torque acting on the pedal crank. The InfoCrank only measures this force and no other forces. Because only the tangential force drives the wheel. The InfoCrank measures the force directly. It is not derived or calculated. Therefore, the InfoCrank needs no zero offset, no smoothing and works reliably and accurately at any temperature, at any altitude and is also absolutely waterproof.

The InfoCrank Professional comes in a bundle with matching bottom bracket and chainrings. You only need the crank? You can find it here!

Not sure which model is right for your bike? Here you can find an overview with the specifications. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Price details

InfoCrank® + steel bottom bracket + practice chainrings 1499,00 €

InfoCrank® + steel bottom bracket + aero chainrings 1649,00 €

InfoCrank® + ceramic bottom bracket + practice chainrings 1699,00 €

InfoCrank® + ceramic bottom bracket + Aero chainrings 1759,00 €

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