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The ELEMNT BOLT is the first fully aerodynamic GPS bike computer! Equipped with Bluetooth and ANT+, the ELEMNT BOLT connects seamlessly with all bike sensors.


The ELEMNT BOLT is the first completely aerodynamic GPS bike computer! The patent-pending design provides an integrated system of computer and mount. This results in a highly aerodynamic system that has been tested according to numerical fluid dynamics. It also blends seamlessly into your cockpit.

Equipped with Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ dual-band technology, the ELEMNT BOLT connects seamlessly with all bike sensors. Synchronized with your watt measurement and a TICKR heart rate sensor, you always keep all relevant performance data in view.
It works with a free ELEMNT companion app that allows you to customize the display to your personal needs. You can set data fields, personalize profiles, track performance and share ride data effortlessly! Programmable LED QuickLook indicators also provide a quick way to see if you're in line with key performance data like speed, heart rate, and power.

Designed for performance and engineered for simplicity, the ELEMNT BOLT GPS bike computer lets you make the most of every second.

You want more performance data? The ELEMNT BOLT is also available in a bundle with heart rate belt, RPM speed and cadence sensor for those who don't want to miss a single detail.

Details & Functions

Aerodynamic design
Screen with 2.2″ diagonal
customisable display
Perfect View zoom buttons
Smart Buttons
Quicklook LED display

GPS functionality
Route creation, back to start and crumb trails
Live track portal
Software integration KOMOOT, RIDE WITH GPS and BEST BIKE SPLIT

Wireless route downloads and workout uploads
Scheduled workouts with TRAININGSPEAKS and TODAY'S PLAN
SMS, email and call notifications
Compatible hardware: electronic circuit and muscle oxygen sensors


The Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT app is the perfect companion to the ELEMNT GPS bike computer. It gives you access to powerful options such as custom configuration, detailed power measurement and allows effortless sharing of your ride.

You can download the app here:


Android ELEMNT App

Operating instructions

Operating Instructions ELEMNT BOLT

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