Moxy Sleeve


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Easy to use in all sports. Use the Moxy without sticking. Select sizes according to thigh circumference.

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Simplest application, without taping

Together with RenéRosa we have developed our Moxy Sleeves for the thigh. Just put on the sleeve, put the Moxy in the light protection and you are ready to go.
No tape is needed anymore. The sleeves can be used in all sports.

To determine the appropriate size, please measure the circumference of your thigh at the same place where you wear the Moxy.

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Size 1: 46-48 cm, size 2: 48-50 cm, size 3: 50-52 cm, size 4: 52-54 cm, size 5: 54-56 cm, size 6: 56-58 cm, size 7: 58-60 cm, size 8: 60-62 cm, size 9: 62-64cm

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    The Moxy, a muscle oxygen monitor that measures the relative oxygen saturation of the muscles (SmO2) continuously and in real time. 50€ discount on our sleeve or the evaluation of performance diagnostics with the code MOXYplus Every Moxy buyer receives free access to the TRAINALYZER® app for 3 months.
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