Track InfoCrank® OctaLink 144 BCD


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  • Professional power meter for the track
  • separate measurement of left and right force
  • No calibration necessary
  • Compatible with OctaLink track bottom bracket
  • 144 mm bolt circle (track)
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The Track InfoCrank is the revolutionary power meter used by the world's best cyclists at international championships and Olympic and Paralympic Games.

It was developed exclusively to meet the specific demands of absolute world-class performance on the cycling track. Today, more than 10 national, Olympic and Paralympic federations use Track InfoCrank. In addition, it is used in numerous scientific institutions and in sports and medicine.

Does Track InfoCrank make you faster? The information it gives you definitely has what it takes!
The InfoCrank records your power with the utmost precision, without the need for calibration. No error and a high recording rate make this powermeter so special. Every muscle contraction can be measured. In combination with the Verve Data Logger and Crank Info, this power meter opens up a whole new world of performance data.